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Jan 28 2017

Weekend Writing

Happy Weekend!

The last weekend of January…and I’m in brainstorming mode. My critique group has committed to a February writing challenge, I’ve signed up for a online class and I’ve decided to take my writing in a new direction…I’m going cozy!

February is going to be crazy busy, but I am so excited.


What else is February going to bring? Glad you asked!

I am proud to announce I am a part of a historical western anthology with a group of very talented authors. Look for more info on all my social media places and it will be on sale in both e-versions and print in late February. 🙂


Aug 19 2016

Early Morning Writing

IS A HABIT Writing is a Habit…Cultivate it.

Words I have taken to heart over the last few days.

Over the last year many things in my life have changed, among them a new job, a new place to live, a new love, and most of all…new routines.

And when you’re a writer, a disruption to your routine could be a bad thing…a really bad thing.

Over the last month I have made a conscious effort to recommit myself to getting the words on the page and getting my books done. I’ve done the usual things, setting up my word count spreadsheet, filling my plot board with colorful Post-It Notes, and setting aside time each night to write.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad. LOL

Ok, two of three would be great if one of those things happened to be WRITING!

After weeks of trial and error of working at night after working the full time job, dedicating most of my weekend, etc. to getting words on the page, they just weren’t coming the way they used to…then I figured it out this week.

Alleluia…cue the doves!

Last week browsing through my kindle a book popped into my feed that caught my eye.”The Lifelong Writing Habit, The Secret to Writing Every Day” by Chris Fox.

I read it. I absorbed the idea. And I remembered that for the last seven years I was up before the rest of the house, pouring the coffee and letting the words flow from my fingers to the page.

I set my alarm Sunday night and I’m not looking back.

Since Monday morning I’ve already written more words this week than I have all month!

Does your habit work for you?