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Jan 26 2017

The Little Things #TechChallenged

No matter how many times I edit, save and twist my photos…they always seem to be the wrong way.

This post was originally scheduled to be about the little things in the life that reinforce you are with the right person, in the right place in your life or things that just make you smile at any given time. The feeling of contentment, of bliss. The little thing that fills your heart with happiness…

Instead I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out why the hell I can never post a picture that is right side up on this damn blog? Hence the hashtag I was forced to add after finally conceding the loss. LOL


The mug was an impulse buy tonight, while out in the local Target with my daughter…I’m sure it will put a smile on my face tomorrow morning when The Man gets up, finds it in the cabinet and fills it with my coffee, but at the moment I’m thinking wine might be a little more satisfying right now – in the mug? Why not.

And if you know the secret to getting my photos to cooperate with me, please…please share!