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Jul 25 2016

Pics of the Week 7.24.16







Luna…doing what Luna does best. LOL













Friday night stroll at sunset on Westhampton Beach.

Just heavenly.












Capped off a great Sunday with The Man at a local hotel. Live band, a few drinks and oysters and shrimp.














Silly selfie with The Man.

He definitely makes me laugh. 🙂







Hope you had a great week!

Jul 11 2016

Pics of the Week 7.9.16






Started the weekend out for dinner with The Man…the purple haze sangria was delicious!







Luna found a comfy spot in my office to sleep away a Sunday morning.











I got a new shade of lipstick…now must master the art of the selfie. LOL




Hope you had a great weekend.


Jul 03 2016

Pics of the Week

Hope you had a great week. Here’s what’s new in my little corner of the universe…aka…Long Island.

IMG_20160703_083749 20160703_123012 20160703_085539 20160703_122807

Luna loves to “hug” the arm of the couch, my roses are blooming, find of the week at my local farm stand – Pear and vanilla bean jam, and Old Glory by our front porch to honor the Home of the free because of the BRAVE!

What made you smile this week?