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Oct 28 2016

Hanging Around…

At the end of September I joined The Man on a business/vacation trip to Newport Rhode Island. While it was definitely more vacation for me than for him, we still enjoyed the town. I wrote in the early morning in various places around the Newport Marriott, and any place close to the water I simply find inspiring at any time of the year!



One of my favorite spots were these swings off the lobby. Something about the bubbling fountain and hanging around, was just, fun!

I met up for lunch one day with a writing friend that I have been critiquing with for almost 12 years now. It was amazing to see her and spend the afternoon exploring old headstones in an old cemetery, shopping (of course!) and eating.



The last novella in the Starlight Hills Holiday Series is getting it’s final touches then it will be off to my editor. I can’t wait to finally bring you Kane and Lacey’s story!

And…I’ve been invited to join an anthology! I’ll have more details soon, watch the blog, follow me on facebook or sign-up for my newsletter and you won’t miss the scoop!


Thanks for hanging around with me today, hope the rest of your day is a swinging success!



Aug 19 2016

Early Morning Writing

IS A HABIT Writing is a Habit…Cultivate it.

Words I have taken to heart over the last few days.

Over the last year many things in my life have changed, among them a new job, a new place to live, a new love, and most of all…new routines.

And when you’re a writer, a disruption to your routine could be a bad thing…a really bad thing.

Over the last month I have made a conscious effort to recommit myself to getting the words on the page and getting my books done. I’ve done the usual things, setting up my word count spreadsheet, filling my plot board with colorful Post-It Notes, and setting aside time each night to write.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad. LOL

Ok, two of three would be great if one of those things happened to be WRITING!

After weeks of trial and error of working at night after working the full time job, dedicating most of my weekend, etc. to getting words on the page, they just weren’t coming the way they used to…then I figured it out this week.

Alleluia…cue the doves!

Last week browsing through my kindle a book popped into my feed that caught my eye.”The Lifelong Writing Habit, The Secret to Writing Every Day” by Chris Fox.

I read it. I absorbed the idea. And I remembered that for the last seven years I was up before the rest of the house, pouring the coffee and letting the words flow from my fingers to the page.

I set my alarm Sunday night and I’m not looking back.

Since Monday morning I’ve already written more words this week than I have all month!

Does your habit work for you?

Apr 17 2016

The Closet Office

20160416_103223 Welcome to The Closet.

7 months ago I moved…a move unlike any move I’ve made in the past. This move was emotional, the product of a divorce. A move to a new place with a new man, a home without my kids (though they are young adults, I miss them terribly) and a home already furnished. Yikes.

Figuring out a home office and place to write that works for me, has been the most challenging. The few pieces of furniture I didn’t want to part with came with me and we’ve made work…the office has remained a “WIP.” LOL

Due to the fact that I feel most creative with all my post-it notes and a little bit of clutter…we decided the basement was the place for me. (Neat guy…clutter queen!) Unfortunately, going down to the basement to write, answer emails, blog, hit the social media…proved to be completely unproductive for me. I guess in some ways I felt too isolated, unmotivated and uninspired. Not good for writing a book.

This week we decided to move me upstairs to the guest room off the master bedroom where my desk can look out over the backyard and watch the sunrise over the trees…it’s pretty now, when the flowers and trees are in full bloom, it’s even prettier! Next to me is a large closet with sliding doors, the perfect place for my office. A place for my plot board and all my research books, etc. A place I can be a little cluttered and messy and close the door when I’m done!

Today I’m headed to Staples to complete my space…a pretty file box, desk organizer, etc.

If you have an office in the closet…I’d love to hear some tips and tricks to making the space work for you!

Have a great week!


Jan 23 2016

New Year, New Me, New Blog!


My new cat…Luna Belle

Wow…time flies when you’re off the grid!

Believe it or not the urge to blog has finally become more than a passing thought and so, I decided to give in and dive back into my weekly chats here at the Saucy Scribe…So what could be more fitting than a first post of the new blog dedicated to all things new in Saucyville…

2015 marked the end of my marriage. A 28 year marriage that had plenty of good times, produced 3 great kids, and counts as more than half my life…but it lacked something both of us knew we needed and believe it not, we parted amicably. I’d love to say everything was a walk in the park, but divorce is never easy, no matter how amicable both parties try to be (read: you will see some whiny posts now and then LOL)

The good news is, 2016 finds this romance writer living a bit of a fairy tale…because love is a beautiful thing and when that magic happens all you can do is ride along. After all, the one thing I’ve learned over the years is NOT to deny what my heart wants and needs.


My self-imposed year-long hiatus from writing to get my life back on track is now over. I have a new cat (Luna Belle) to walk across my laptop and a wonderfully supportive man at my side encouraging me to get the words on the page (and who has no trouble pouring the wine, supplying the chocolate and surrounding me with love and affection.)

Up this week:  at least one chapter of A Proposal & Pumpkin Pie (yes I know it’s a Thanksgiving book…but better late than never, right?)

Welcome back to the Saucy Scribe!


As in the past, I encourage comments! Please say hi and let me know what you’d like to see here on the blog!



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