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Jan 28 2017

Weekend Writing

Happy Weekend!

The last weekend of January…and I’m in brainstorming mode. My critique group has committed to a February writing challenge, I’ve signed up for a online class and I’ve decided to take my writing in a new direction…I’m going cozy!

February is going to be crazy busy, but I am so excited.


What else is February going to bring? Glad you asked!

I am proud to announce I am a part of a historical western anthology with a group of very talented authors. Look for more info on all my social media places and it will be on sale in both e-versions and print in late February. 🙂


Jan 23 2017

A Positive Week #MondayBlogs

A few years ago I added a paper planner back into my life in the effort to get control of the craziness, and I’m so glad I did.

The paper gives me places to satisfy my need to write things down and not rely on my techie devices. I love that I can use my colored post-it notes, my highlighters, etc.

And one of my favorite things is to put an inspirational quote right up front, so when I open the planner…I’m hit between the eyes with something positive to motivate me!

This week my focus is on striving to be better than last week. That means being more efficient, more focused on making progress and moving forward toward my goals. With a positive attitude we CAN do anything!


This week I’ve decided is all about improving my social media presence…or if I’m being honest, getting back in the social media game! To accomplish that goal I have color coded my calendar with dots for Twitter, blog posts, Instagram and Facebook. The plan being to blog twice a week and then use the other sites to be chatty 80% of the time and the other 20% to drive some traffic back to my blog and my books.

I’ll post my progress as the weeks go on.

What are you doing this week to move positively towards your goals?

Have a great week!


Nov 20 2016

New Release!

aproposalandpumpkinpie-500x750 And…it’s live!


Sunday night and I’m making lists for the grocery store, lists for cleaning, lists and more lists…lol.

If you’re anything like me, the next few days are going to be packed with endless running around and falling into bed exhausted.

Maybe you’ll need a little time to unwind…

If you do, the latest in my Starlight Hills Holiday Novella series might be the escape you’re looking for!

You can read an excerpt on my website HERE.

And you can buy it over on Amazon HERE


Enjoy the holiday!

Nov 06 2016

Weekend Update…Weekly Goals




Next week we’re having a party for my son…and this week The Man went into serious “house prep” mode.

Now, let me back up and say that The Man and I get around 5am during the week. I write at the computer off the kitchen, we have coffee together and the tv is usually on, while he gets a head start on his paperwork for the day ahead. He does have a guilty pleasure…he loves the home shopping channels!

These chairs came on and we both commented at the same time they’d be perfect for the alcove in the living room instead of that table and chairs that occupy the space now.

Turns out we were right! Don’t they look nice?


A Proposal & Pumpkin Pie is back from the editor and almost ready to go off to the copy editor…woo hoo.

My Western Novella, Saving Susanna, is on track to be done this month too, and I just saw the cover for the anthology and it’s beautiful!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!



Nov 01 2016

Sneak Peak…Coming Soon!

The latest in the Starlight Hills Holiday Novella Series is coming this Thanksgiving!


Welcome to Starlight Hills! Mountain views, small town charm, and one little bake shop, where romance is always on the menu.

Lacey Andrews is focused on her city life and her CPA career. The last thing she wants is a relationship and up to now she’s managed to dodge her mother’s increasingly desperate attempts at matchmaking. But it’s Thanksgiving, and for Lacey that means family, the magic of walking through crisp fall leaves, and the Bitty Bake Shop’s pumpkin pies. So she’s heading back to Starlight Hills for the holiday. Only this year, she suspects coming home alone might be a big mistake.

Kane O’Brien learned the hard way that being chivalrous only ends in betrayal and pain. He’s been an outsider in Starlight Hills since the Andrews family turned the town against him twelve years ago. While he’s done his best to rebuild his life and his auto repair shop, he’s never quite outrun his turbulent past. Now, he no longer believes in family traditions or holiday celebrations.

But a chance encounter in the Itty Bitty Bake Shop, a shared pumpkin pie, and one crazy proposal could make this the holiday that changes everything.


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