Jan 23 2017

A Positive Week #MondayBlogs

A few years ago I added a paper planner back into my life in the effort to get control of the craziness, and I’m so glad I did.

The paper gives me places to satisfy my need to write things down and not rely on my techie devices. I love that I can use my colored post-it notes, my highlighters, etc.

And one of my favorite things is to put an inspirational quote right up front, so when I open the planner…I’m hit between the eyes with something positive to motivate me!

This week my focus is on striving to be better than last week. That means being more efficient, more focused on making progress and moving forward toward my goals. With a positive attitude we CAN do anything!


This week I’ve decided is all about improving my social media presence…or if I’m being honest, getting back in the social media game! To accomplish that goal I have color coded my calendar with dots for Twitter, blog posts, Instagram and Facebook. The plan being to blog twice a week and then use the other sites to be chatty 80% of the time and the other 20% to drive some traffic back to my blog and my books.

I’ll post my progress as the weeks go on.

What are you doing this week to move positively towards your goals?

Have a great week!


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