Jan 02 2017

Welcome to 2017!


Welcome to 2017

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions. What I do believe in is a yearly mantra and after much thought on the subject, the above is what I came up for this year.

Be Positive…because there is ALWAYS something good to find. Sometimes life gives us lessons, sometimes is gives us exactly what we think we need or the complete opposite. But whatever happens, our reaction is what colors the moment. The whole honey instead of vinegar idea? Yea…that!

Be Brave…Every day we get out of bed there is a new opportunity to move forward toward a goal, it’s a new chance to change something, to do something, to make a difference in your own life. But let’s be honest, sometimes change is scary! Every hurdle, every choice, requires us to be brave and push forward. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and leap. You are braver than you think!

Be Committed…Because goals won’t happen overnight and dreams don’t come true if we don’t work toward them. To To reach for the brass ring, you have to actually be ON the merry-go-round…not standing on the side and dreaming about it. Whatever goal or dream you have for the future…commit to it every day!

Happy 2017 my friends!

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