Monthly Archive: October 2016

Status update

Chained myself to the computer yesterday…pounded out 3000 words, and the man pampered the heck out of me all day! The Thanksgiving book is done!

Oct 29 2016

Silly Saturday


My mice slippers have found their way from the back of the closet…It must be fall!

Do you have a pair of silly slippers?


This weekend I’m on a deadline to have Proposal & Pumpkin Pie to my editor by Nov. 1…which means I’ll be at the computer for a good part of the time. Since a girl has to have a little fun, I’ll be sipping cocktails and wearing the mice to put a smile on my face.


As I gradually find myself getting back into blogging and sharing on all my social media outlets, I hope you’ll take note of the sidebar with the array of options available to keep in touch with me. If you haven’t signed up for my Book News Newsletter, pop on over to the signup page and do it today!



Oct 28 2016

Hanging Around…

At the end of September I joined The Man on a business/vacation trip to Newport Rhode Island. While it was definitely more vacation for me than for him, we still enjoyed the town. I wrote in the early morning in various places around the Newport Marriott, and any place close to the water I simply find inspiring at any time of the year!



One of my favorite spots were these swings off the lobby. Something about the bubbling fountain and hanging around, was just, fun!

I met up for lunch one day with a writing friend that I have been critiquing with for almost 12 years now. It was amazing to see her and spend the afternoon exploring old headstones in an old cemetery, shopping (of course!) and eating.



The last novella in the Starlight Hills Holiday Series is getting it’s final touches then it will be off to my editor. I can’t wait to finally bring you Kane and Lacey’s story!

And…I’ve been invited to join an anthology! I’ll have more details soon, watch the blog, follow me on facebook or sign-up for my newsletter and you won’t miss the scoop!


Thanks for hanging around with me today, hope the rest of your day is a swinging success!