Apr 17 2016

The Closet Office

20160416_103223 Welcome to The Closet.

7 months ago I moved…a move unlike any move I’ve made in the past. This move was emotional, the product of a divorce. A move to a new place with a new man, a home without my kids (though they are young adults, I miss them terribly) and a home already furnished. Yikes.

Figuring out a home office and place to write that works for me, has been the most challenging. The few pieces of furniture I didn’t want to part with came with me and we’ve made work…the office has remained a “WIP.” LOL

Due to the fact that I feel most creative with all my post-it notes and a little bit of clutter…we decided the basement was the place for me. (Neat guy…clutter queen!) Unfortunately, going down to the basement to write, answer emails, blog, hit the social media…proved to be completely unproductive for me. I guess in some ways I felt too isolated, unmotivated and uninspired. Not good for writing a book.

This week we decided to move me upstairs to the guest room off the master bedroom where my desk can look out over the backyard and watch the sunrise over the trees…it’s pretty now, when the flowers and trees are in full bloom, it’s even prettier! Next to me is a large closet with sliding doors, the perfect place for my office. A place for my plot board and all my research books, etc. A place I can be a little cluttered and messy and close the door when I’m done!

Today I’m headed to Staples to complete my space…a pretty file box, desk organizer, etc.

If you have an office in the closet…I’d love to hear some tips and tricks to making the space work for you!

Have a great week!


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